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EFT Private Review

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Giving my 100% honest review on this product a week into being used! 

Aimbot: 9/10 - Pretty standard Aimbot. Only 9/10 because it's so standard. Which is perfectly fine, i have 0 issues with it. Basic enough to give you an advantage without being too OP. But also good enough features to make things look legit

ESP(Player/Loot/Extract): 9/10 - ESP for both players and loot is great so far! No real lag issues on my end, Player ESP comes with good features. Only thing that would better for Player ESP is to add a visibility feature that changes the box colour when a player is visible to shoot at. Loot esp is exactly what you need. Only thing i would add is the ability to add a feature to allow you to find specific loot by name

Radar: N/A - There is a Radar feature I don't use the radar so i have no review on it

Misc.: 10/10 - Has a TON of features that so far work flawlessly for me. From a basic crosshair to a No Recoil and even Freecam. I myself only use the crosshair, No Recoil, and Unlim. Stam. Work FLAWLESSLY. Great selection of features here to use, been using a week straight with 0 ban or issues. I also try to play and look as legit as possible

Highly recommend if you're looking for a legit product. I am a player who doesn't rage. So my review is for people who are trying to seem as legit as possible! 

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